Best Practices

Milind Samata Puraskar

The People's Education Society's (Mumbai) believes in the Principles of Social justice and equality. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar was not only an educationist but he was also a great Social revolutionary, a Thinker, a Philosopher and Statesman and above all the apostle of Social equality. Keeping in view, the teaching and vision of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Milind College of Arts took a lead and decided to Honour and felicitate with Milind Samta Purskar those who work hard to bring on equality in the society through their writings, Social work and actual field work. This award inspires many to work for equality and establish equality in the society to build a strong nation. The eminent personalities in the various fields, who are the apostle of social equality conferred with 'Milind Samta Puraskar'.

Adv. Ankush Bhalekar, Justice B.N. Deshmukh, Baburao Bagul, Dr. Baba Adhav, Dr. Nagnath Kottapalle, Vice-Chancellor Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad, Dr. Sukhdev Thorat Chairman U.G.C. New Delhi, Dr. Yashwant Manohar, Renowned writer, critic and Philosopher, Raja Dhale, Ambedkaride Philosopher and Writer, Dr. Janardhan Waghmare Ex-Vice Chancellor S.R.T.M.U. Nanded, Member of Parliament Dr. Bhalchandra Mungekar, Dr. Raosaheb Kasbe, Ambedkaride Writer, Philosopher, Roopa Kulkarni (Bodhi) (2015-2016), Ambedkaride Philosopher, Social Worker and Activist. L.R. Bali, Ambedkaride Philosopher and Activist (2016-2017).

Felicitation of Meritorious Students Every Year

The second-best practise of this college is to felicitate the meritorious students every year on 8th July. On the foundation day of the People's Education Society all the colleges felicitate meritorious students to inspire the other students to work hard to get good ranks every academic year.

Meritorious students of various examination are felicitated with a sponsored cash prize on the People's Education Society's foundation day on 8th July every academic year. The following prizes are given to the meritorious students In the memory of Late S.T. Pradhan, Smt. Sumantai Pradhan gives the cash prize of Rs.1000/- for the student who acquires maximum marks in B.A. final examination in the subject of English in the college. In the memory of Late S.T. Pradhan, Sow. Charulata Jitendra Magar gives the cash prize of Rs. 501/- along with the memento to the student who secures highest marks in B.A. final examination. In the memory of Late Dr. Ingle, Smt. Lata Vasant Ingle gives the cash prize of Rs. 51/- to the student who takes highest marks in the subject of Economics in B.A. final examination. Shri. Kamlakant Gautam and Smt. Saroj Gautam gives cash prize of Rs. 101/- to the student who secures highest marks in Pali and Buddhism in B.A. final examination

Health Care

The objective of Health care and awareness about Health among the different stake holders of institutions i.e. Students, Teachers, Administrative staff and the Non-Teaching is of great importance and value. This awareness Programmes also make the youth aware of the addiction and tries to stop them from this habit. The students in our college came from far away villages and rural areas where they are not aware about their health issues. They also come from poor economic conditions so they need medical advice and primary aids. Therefore, various Health Camps are organised by the college.

Milind Krutadnyata Puraskar

This Puraskar is given to those dignitaries who work throughout their life far the society. They are committed and preach the Human values of equality fraternity and brotherhood. We feel it is our duty to respect them and praise their work therefore this award is given as an appreciation to them by the college.


1. The students of this college mostly belong to the weaker sections of the Society. During the admission they don�t even have money to pay their fees. In such cases the entire faculty members of this college contribute and pay the fees of these students whenever necessary, sometimes some students on the spot do not have money to pay college fees and hostel fees, these students are helped by the faculty members. Even they can pay the amount in instalments.

2. Milind Samajik Krutadnyata Puraskar : This Puraskar is given to those individuals who throughout their life work hard to bring Equality, Fraternity and Brother hood in the Society.

This is feeling of gratitude by the college for this Person. This year the Puraskar was given to Adv. B.H. Gaikwad. All his life he practised and worked for equality. He participated in the Movement, Morchas, Rallies, Demonstrations and had to face difficult times but he did not give up. His contribution is big and is worth receiving this Puraskar by Milind College of Arts, Aurangabad.